Swearingen Software is a unique company because it is built on principles that revolve around customer satisfaction. In fact, customer satisfaction is the most important single factor that goes into our day-to-day decisions.

  • Our standard support hours of operation are
    • from 7am to 7pm Central Time
    • Seven days a week.
  • Our optional 24 X 7 support is
    • 24 hours a day
    • Seven days a week.

When you need technical assistance, there are a variety of ways you can access one of our highly trained support specialists. We can solve problems by VPN, dialing directly into your system, or resolving the issue by phone. You can always speak with someone, rather than wading through a computer-based phone system.

Remember, your satisfaction is our number one priority.

Caring for Your Needs

With Swearingen, you will.

All support staff is in the United States, not overseas reading a technical manual in broken English.

In most cases, we solve your issues while talking the problem through over the phone. In addition, we can also resolve issues by VPN or by dialing directly into your system.

But know this, your needs will be answered and issues resolved promptly; we have built our entire business model around this principal – The Customer Comes First!

RISynergy® is all we do, and as the Best of Breed vendor, interfaces and integrations with other systems are paramount to your success.

Our support experts all have a background in Radiology, were long time users of our software, and have developed critical knowledge around all of our interfaces and other peripheral environments.

Our support specialists are available for standard phone support from 7 AM to 7:00 p.m.

Central Time seven days a week, excluding holidays.

24×7 support is also fully available if you feel your facility requires that additional coverage.

Since our support specialists are former radiology managers and RTs, they’re familiar with many of the issues you face, and understand how critical it is to solve your problem and solve it fast.

We want you to KNOW that what we say is what we do.

Our representative will be happy to provide you a listing of all of our customers so you can pick who you talk too, not just a pre-scripted group of users who receive extra benefits.

Please call them all and ask about our support.


RISynergy® user training and consulting is easy and accessible:

For more information, please contact

  • Steve Cook
    • 713-849-2026 x119
    • steve @ swearingensoftware . com

On-Site Consulting:

We also offer on-site consulting for a modest fee. Our experienced support specialists will visit your facility to assist you in fine-tuning RISynergy® so that it’s perfect for your radiology environment.

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