Since its conception in 1983, RISynergy has been and still is the only Radiology Information System written by users for users.

Over the last 28 years, Swearingen Software has made RISynergy the user’s PERFECT Radiology Information System.

  • We focused on workflow before it was considered fashionable.
  • The system is based on what would make it your perfect RIS.
  • The annual User’s Conferences define the entire future direction of the software.
  • Support that is second to none in the industry.

This results in a significantly more satisfying experience for those who use it. It instantly puts vital information and over a hundred important, customizable management reports at your fingertips, reflecting every aspect of best practice radiology management.

Because it’s easier to use and better supported, RISynergy helps you to manage, evaluate, and streamline every facet of your operation — the very reasons you moved to software in the first place. Rely on RISynergy for more efficient and productive work flow, greater staff utilization, and greater referring physician satisfaction.

RISynergy easily links to other vital Hospital Systems through industry standard HL7, DICOM and IHE protocols. RISynergy is fully HIPAA compliant, and fully current with JCAHO and ACR regulations. As a matter of fact, RISynergy’s Mammography Module is the only mammography package that is part of a RIS to earn licensing and accreditation through the American College of Radiology.