RISynergy® designed, built and tested

by radiology professionals for radiology professionals.

Are you getting more than the sum of the parts? It’s not just about the list of features seen below but the benefits these and Swearingen provide.

  • Maximize Reimbursement

  • Minimize Patient Rescheduling

  • Maximize Patient Satisfaction

  • Improve Departmental Management

  • Eliminate Lost Charges

  • Focused Marketing

  • Increase Capacity

  • Increase Physician Goodwill

  • Pass JCAHO Inspections

  • Minimize Exposure To Radiology Lawsuits

  • Minimize Exam Repeats

  • Improve Equipment Asset Management

RISynergy is evolving constantly and each user contributes and benefits from that ongoing evolution.


Some Words From Our Clients

The Swearingen difference is in their commitment to customer satisfaction. The support staff includes former radiology managers and techs. They’ve walked in your shoes. They relate to your problems.

Langlade Memorial Hospital, Antigo, WI

I am amazed at what RISynergy and their talented staff can do. There are very few companies who will listen to a customer the way Swearingen does, let alone make the customizations that they do. Swearingen has truly earned the title of Best of Breed.

Pioneers Memorial Hospital, Brawley, CA

We have many people in our department that are not tech savvy and they love how easy it is to navigate. The customer support is the best. They truly go above and beyond to make the product work for your individual needs.

InterMed Imaging, South Portland, ME

Many of the improvements that Swearingen has incorporated have come from the annual users group meetings, where RISynergy® users brainstorm and offer ideas on what improvements they would like to see. I wish more software companies did this. Their product is terrific, and so is their support team. I can’t say enough good things about them.

Western Imaging Center, Culver City, CA

RISynergy is a very intuitive software product that matches nicely with the workflow of the department.

North Country Hospital, Newport, VT

RISynergy Scheduling Module allows you to schedule a patient in RISynergy in less than 60 seconds. The module is so powerful, that we actually use it for centralized scheduling for the entire hospital, which has saved us a tremendous amount of money. And, the level of support from a 1 to 10 is a 10.

Opelousas General Hospital, Opelousas, LA

Our Proven Process Produces Results


RISynergy can force an appropriate ICD code for each CPT code which facilitates timely and maximum insurance reimbursements.


RISynergy’s optimized patient workflow allows your department to handle more patients and perform more exams each day.


RISynergy generates a management report showing revenue by demographic groups – highlighting your demographic strengths and weaknesses!


RISynergy’s powerful management reports allow fine tuning and maximizing your department’s productivity and profitability.


Minimizing patient wait time is a key factor in maximizing patient satisfaction and physician goodwill will increase too!

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