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There’s No Place Like Swearingen®

Swearingen Software is a very unique software company.

  • We treat our customers more like partners than like customers.
  • We turn ‘what if’ into ‘what is’.
  • RISynergy®, our Radiology Information System, was built by radiology personnel for radiology personnel.
  • We custom taylor every RIS system we install to specifically meet the unique needs of each customer.
  • RISynergy is guaranteed to plug-n-play with ANY HL7 compatible HIS, PACS, EMR, VR, Billing, etc.  So regardless of which vendor your facility uses for their healthcare software, RISynergy will seamlessly replace the existing RIS and outperform it!
  • Support calls are typically answered immediately or returned within just minutes.  No phone tag and no talking to someone thousands of miles away who speaks broken English!
  • We focus solely on customer satisfaction.
  • We offer a 90 day money back guarantee

And because we are so different, we have extraordinary customer satisfaction scores.  One customer was quoted as saying, “If every software company was like Swearingen, the world would be a better place.”

In 1984, Swearingen Software introduced the first RIS designed specifically to run on PCs and we have led the radiology field ever since in features and functionality.  Now with over 30 years in the industry, unequaled customer satisfaction, and a RIS product that has stood the test of time, Swearingen Software has become a popular choice for many hospitals, clinics and imaging centers in the U.S., PR and abroad.  RISynergy works in single site as well as enterprise wide environments.

So, whether you are looking for a RIS or you are currently using a RIS as part of a “Single Source” product line, and are not satisfied with your features, support and/or productivity, then you owe it to yourself and your facility to check into RISynergy from Swearingen Software.  Feature per feature, we are the most cost effective RIS in the market!  Call us and find out why There’s No Place Like Swearingen!

Swearingen’s Radiology Information System Software (hover over boxes for more info)

Best of Breed

Swearingen Software is a ‘Best of Breed’ vendor, specializing exclusively in Radiology Information System software (RIS) for almost 30 years.

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RISynergy was designed FOR radiology personnel BY radiology personnel.  It’s the only product we offer so we continually thrive to keep it the best in the industry.

Available modules

Totally flexible and modular to suit YOUR needs! Hover the cursor over this box to see a list of available modules. Each module can be turned off or on.

Available modules

Patient Management, Scheduling, Transcription, Quality Control, Radiologist Sign-Off, Mammography, Inventory, Film Tracking, Personnel Manager, Equipment Management, Standard Procedures, Management Reporting, HL7 interfaces and more.

Centralized Scheduling

RISynergy contains a scheduling module so complete and powerful that some of our hospital customers actually use it as a centralized scheduler!

Centralized Scheduling

Included in RISynergy, at no additional charge, this benefit alone can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars!  And Exams can be scheduled in under 60 seconds!

Management Reports

RISynergy contains a comprehensive set of over 200 valuable management reports. They allow you to get a closer look at your data in hundreds of ways.

Management Reports

Our suite of reports will empower you to satisfy administrative inquiries, pass JCAHO inspections, measure profitability and/or productivity throughout your radiology department and so much more.

60 Second Introduction Video

RISynergy is a comprehensive Radiology Information System that can help your radiology department maximize its profitability in multiple ways.  Watch and see why RISynergy is the PERFECT RIS!



“Best of Breed” vs. “Single Source”

More Reasons Why There’s No Place Like Swearingen®

The most efficient Radiology Information System Software

For over 30 years RISynergy has become more and more efficient to the point where it now requires significantly fewer keystrokes, to get the job done, than does any other RIS. One site performed a detailed study and found RISynergy requires only 1/3 of the keystrokes to schedule patients, than did their prior RIS. That minimizes the time on the phone with the referring physician’s office during the scheduling process. The rest of RISynergy is equally efficient!

The most flexible Radiology Information System Software

RISynergy contains more user configurations than any other RIS on the market. Most RIS packages are very rigid. Our flexible user configurations allow our users to customize RISynergy to their specific needs. Comparing RISynergy to other RIS systems is similar to comparing a custom suit to an off-the-rack suit. RISynergy is Designed to PERFECTLY fit your radiology department!  IT personnel especially like our flexible system security that just isn’t found in other RIS products.

Radiology Information System Software with excellent customer service

Our customers tells they wish all software companies were like Swearingen because; 1) We have a knowledgeable support staff that speaks their language, and 2) We listen to them and incorporate Their ideas into the software. Since RIS is all we, we focus on designing, upgrading and maintaining our software, based on our customer needs. NO other RIS vendor can match our level of customer support, service, and user experience. That is why our customers tell us… There’s No Place Like Swearingen®

Radiology Information System Software is user friendly

RISynergy is extremely easy to use and thus making it very easy to train new staff members. The intuitiveness of the software can be attributed to the fact that the software has been designed FOR our customers BY our customers for over 30 years.

Radiology Information System Software is ACR licensed

After requests from our customers, Swearingen Software once again met their needs by designing an ACR Licensed Mammography Module for them. Very few RIS systems include an ACR licensed mammography module. In fact, most competitive RIS systems include a very weak module, if any. And, ACR licensed mammography software packages typically cost MORE than the entire RISynergy system which already CONTAINS our ACR licensed module!

Radiology Information System Software

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