We are hiring!

Wanted – Salespeople and Dealers

(Commission only sales)

Swearingen Software has been in the RIS business for over 30 years and we have the best Radiology Information System (RIS) in the industry with the best history of customer satisfaction.  We are currently looking for the best independent salespeople and dealers, who already have a presence in hospitals and clinics, to help us sell it.  Swearingen Software will provide on-line training to the accepted applicants and will provide sales support.

Our RIS, RISynergy, is guaranteed plug-n-play with all other healthcare systems such as HIS, PACS, EMR, VR and Billing (provided they are HL7 ready), and it will beat every other RIS in features and functionality…  so every healthcare facility is a possible sales candidate!  Plus, if you already have experience selling RIS products, you will have a better understanding of why RISynergy outperforms all of its competition!

So if you are looking for an outstanding RIS product to add to the existing product mix, give us a call today on  (800) 992-1767 and learn how you can become a Swearingen Software sales partner!

We are hiring