RISynergy® is the only robust, full-featured radiology information system (RIS) that significantly improves and enhances your current workflow. Swearingen does not come in and tell your department how to run its day to day operations. Every RISynergy feature is developed and enhanced in close consultation with users in key areas including functionality, interface, nomenclature, and documentation. Importantly, no feature takes more time to learn than the amount of time it saves. RISynergy features are improved on a continuous basis, in response to ongoing input from our users.

Scheduling System

Hospital-wide centralized scheduling

Patient System

Demographic and visit information


Real-time activity and Complete tasks

Radiologist Task Center

Single Screen Task Dashboard


Data entry and Certification

Equipment Maintenance

Service records by machine

Inventory Management

Automatic tracking

Personnel Management

Maintains vital information

Film Tracking

Easy bar code tracking

Quality Control

Ensures standards are met


Fully TCP/IP compatible. Fully HIPAA compliant.

Management Reports

Quickly create detailed, customizable reports