InterMed Imaging, Portland, Maine : Paula Myers, RIS/PACS Administrator

“The Swearingen RIS system is very easy to navigate. It’s easy to learn how to find your way around the system.

Swearingen has one of the best support departments within our list of vendors. When we call in we always get a live person on the phone. We don’t have many issues but when one arises they are able to usually help us resolve it immediately while we are still on the phone.

I love that you can fax patient results directly from within the software. I also think that Swearingen has the best help menu that I have ever used. Easy to understand and step by step instructions.

We are using the Philips Intellispace 4.4 PACS. We have no issues with the interface between the RIS and PACS. I do not think you need one source to effectively use a RIS. I still believe in ‘best of breed”.

The Swearingen support staff is extremely polite and friendly. Their technical support department is very knowledgeable. They are a small company that is able to make customized configuration changes if the need arises. Tech support is willing to help troubleshoot issues even if the RIS is not what is causing the issue. This is a rarity. Most companies will just tell you it’s not us so we can’t help you.”