Centralized Scheduling with RISynergy®

Arletta Gardner
Radiology Director

Arletta Gardner, who has spent the last 14 years as Radiology Director for Central Carolina Hospital in Sanford, NC,  says that being the only hospital in the county has reinforced the need to continually improve both effectiveness  and efficiency.

“The needs of our community have resulted in our expanding the radiology department significantly during the last  10 years. It now includes 30 staff radiologists doing about  4,000 procedures a month that include fluoroscopy, x-ray,  nuclear medicine, CT, and MRI scans. We’ve got the ability  to go on-site with two CARM mobile fluoroscopy units and  two portable x-ray units. And, a few years ago, we established a dedicated Women’s Center that includes mammography, stereotatic breast imaging, ultrasound, and bone densitometry.

“Since we first installed RISynergy in 1994, it’s proven in- valuable in helping us to utilize all this technology. This  has real and immediate benefits. For example, we not only  use RISynergy for our department’s scheduling, we use it  for scheduling in the CardioPulmonary unit, our Women’s  Center, the Dietitian’s office, the Vascular Labs, and for  the Health and Nutrition Department’s stress tests. Now,  with the new interfaces installed, instead of distributing  copies of schedules on a day-by-day reporting schedule,  everyone has real-time access to their department’s scheduling from any terminal in the hospital. That means we can  do more pre-registration and more pre-certification before the patient arrives. This speeds up the processing of patients and makes the time spent more efficient and more  convenient for everyone.

“Our administration has been supportive of our continuing  system upgrades because we have been able to directly  link the upgrade investment to measurable productivity  gains.” explains Arlettta Gardner. “The addition of new   RISynergy interfaces is the latest example of continuing  improvement.

“Last year we upgraded from DOS to RISynergy for Windows, and its expanded abilities to interface with other  departments through the HIS (as well as with our physician  base through the Internet) has really enhanced our ability  to distribute information. Now, with the additional  RISynergy interfaces, orders and reports are available at  any terminal in the hospital and, through WebMD, at every  physician’s office, as well. We market this accessibility to  our physicians as a way of answering their needs through  ‘one-stop shopping.’

“I consider Swearingen Software to be a partner with our  department. They have worked with us for years to make  sure that every change and every upgrade works the way it  is supposed to. They have shown a consistent commitment  to improving our work by improving their product and to  help us meet and beat the productivity goals we set for  ourselves. Our investment in  RISynergy is one that has  handsomely paid off.”

Client Profile

Beds:  137
Admissions: 6462 per year
Staff:  727
Exams:  48,000 per year, 144,300 patients in database
Interfaces:  Perot PBar outbound for orders,  results, and charges, Perot PBar inbound for orders and patient demographics
Add-Ons: E-Fax for physician reports , Mammography