Swearingen Support

Darlene Dennis
RISynergy®  Coordinator

As RISynergy Coordinator for Auburn Regional Medical  Center in Auburn, WA, it’s Darlene Dennis’ responsibility to make sure that the hospital’s investment in RISynergy  pays dividends in productivity and efficiency. That  means it must be up and running and that any problems are handled quickly and properly.

“The program does what  it is intended to do, and the support people are helpful anytime you call.”

According to Darlene, “RISynergy is a good system. I’ve  been a RISynergy user for about nine years now, and  over that time I have been satisfied with both the software and the software support that we get from  Swearingen. The program does what it is intended to do, and the support people are helpful, anytime you call them, even weekends.”

“It’s great to call support  and talk to a real, live  person!”

Auburn Regional Medical Center, a UHS-owned hospital  in Auburn, Washington, is a medium sized hospital with  150 beds and lots of outpatient care. “The ability to easily and accurately schedule and track patients and  procedures on about 25 workstations is very important  to us. Swearingen has never made me feel like we are a  small client. It’s great to call support and talk to a real,  live person! We primarily work with Michelle, and I have to admit that, to a certain degree, she has spoiled us on  support from any other vendor.

“They’re always willing to hold my hand and walk me  through it.”

“Of course, the best way to avoid the problem with an RIS being down is to anticipate problems. I call Swearingen Support to get a question answered, or for help with a new task, or to just have them verify my  thought process,” continues Darlene.

“They’re always willing to hold my hand and walk me through it.”
“They are good at prioritizing — they even schedule  their quarterly updates so  as not to interfere with our workload.”

According to Darlene, “For our site, RISynergy is rarely  down, but when there are problems, I particularly like the fact that the support people can quickly tell me how  big a fix it will be, and then they do it quickly and at my convenience, so we have minimal disruption to patient  care.  They are good at prioritizing — they even schedule  their quarterly updates so as not to interfere with our workload.

“When it comes to customer support and service,  Swearingen is thinking about the customer. They make my life easier by working with us. Their support people  have enabled us to make the most productive use of their RISynergy system.”

Client Profile
  • Beds: 150
  • Admissions: 5252 per year
  • Staff: 578
  • Exams: 61,000 per year, 160,000 patients in database
  • Interfaces: SMS outbound for billing and results, OPUS inbound for patient demographics
  • Add-Ons: E-Fax for physician reports, Mammography