A Great Team Mate’ a biography of Mickey Mantle.

Regarding the book, Randall writes ‘This is a dream come true for me for several reasons but, the main reason is that it allows me to introduce Mickey to a whole new generation of children.

In today’s world where baseball is a business, it is refreshing to look back at when baseball truly was a game and when players were deserving to be our heroes.’

It was very important to our dad that he be remembered as a great team mate and this book does an excellent job of explaining why he was admired, not only by the fans but his team mates and opponents as well.

Randall went to great lengths to research the relevant details of key events in dad’s career in order to show the magnitude of dad’s courage, competitiveness, loyalty, determination, athleticism and perseverance both on and off the field. Randall spent time with dad and his team mates at the Mickey Mantle fantasy camps and his knowledge and love of dad really shows in this book.

Reading the book brought back many great memories and magically transported us back in time to our childhood. The Mantle family gives this book a big ‘thumbs up’ and wishes to extend our heartfelt thanks to Randall for writing this inspiring and enjoyable book that beautifully echoes our deep love and respect for our dad. ‘A true team mate’ – The Mantle Family

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A Great Team Mate’ a biography of Mickey Mantle.