Randall Swearingen

Randall Swearingen holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Houston. He is a member of MENSA and is largely considered a thought leader in the world of Radiology Systems.

In addition to leading Swearingen Software into the next generation, Randall also spends his time in Men’s Senior League Baseball as well as spending time with his two youngest children Mickey and Charles (Named for Mickey Charles Mantle, his boyhood hero).

Randall’s philosophy ….

Our focus is not on ourselves. It’s instead on providing a profoundly more satisfying experience for the users at the end of our software. That’s what distinguishes us, and what drives everything we do.

Exactly how would a resource that prides itself on providing a significantly more satisfying user experience approach this problem? We ask ourselves that question repeatedly, whether we’re addressing specific customer requests, software feature enhancements, the integration of emerging technologies, user support practices, and just about everything else.

We believe that as long as we keep asking ourselves that question — and then acting accordingly — we will continue to lead.

Randall is a massive Mickey Mantle fan and personal friends with the Mantle family, and a keen collector of Mantle memorabilia.

The Legend of Mickey Mantle

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